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  • The sigh sauce factory
    The sigh sauce factory

    A fragrant and fascinating exploration of Phu Quoc’s main industry.Throughout history, the Vietnamese have sought cultural autonomy from their dominant neighbor to the north – china. Nuoc Mam (fish sauce) has become an important symbol of the country’s individuality and independence – while much of china is far from the sea and therefore relies on soy sauce to flavor its dishes, Vietnam embraces fish sauce and uses it in almost every dish. PhuQuoc’sNuoc Mam is of such quality and prestige that the manufacturers on the island have fought a...

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  • Dinh Cua Rock (Cua Temple)
    Dinh Cua Rock (Cua Temple)

    One of the many attractions in Phu Quoc is Dinh Cau Rock, which is located at the mouth of the Duong Dong River. It is a combination of Buddhist temple and lighthouse that was built in 1937 as a dedication to ThienHau (the Goddess of the sea) who provides protection for the fisherman and vessels that head out to the open waters. Climbing the steps allows a better view of many fishing boats navigating the narrow river opening, as well as views along the coast. The beachfront here also is a good place to view the sunset and local life in the...

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  • The ports and markets
    The ports and markets

    Early morning and early evening are the busiest times in the port of Duong Dong as the fleet comes in with the catch. The markets are alive with color and banter as the fruits of the fishermen’s labor are traded.

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  • Pepper farms
    Pepper farms

    Dotted around the island, see how the farmers grow pepper and taste some right on the farm. For centuries, Phu Quoc has produced some of the world’s finest pepper, contributing to Vietnam’s output of up to 60% of the world’s pepper supply. Archaeologists have found traces of pepper and other spices among artifacts in a stone-age settlement in northern Vietnam dating from over 9,000 years ago. Pepper has been at the heart of the spice trade for many centuries, with trade already active during the Greek and roman Empires between Europe.

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  • The National Park
    The National Park

    Take a drive through the north of the island and you’ll pass through the primary rainforest of Phu Quoc’s national park. Listen for the whoops of the rare langurs or macaques in the forest or try to spot one of the rare birds of paradise that make their home in the jungle.

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